Fundraise for Liver Kids

If you would like to fundraise to help us implement our programs and resources, this page contains the information you need. In most states in Australia, anyone wishing to raise funds on behalf of a charitable organisation must hold an Authority to Fundraise issued by that organisation. To obtain an Authority to Fundraise from Liver Kids Australia, the Terms and Conditions shown below need to be accepted and a Proposal to Fundraise form completed and sent to us.

You are not authorised to name Liver Kids Australia as a beneficiary of and fundraising activity until you have received an Authority to Fundraise letter from us.It will usually take around a week to review your proposal and send the Authority to Fundraise.

We do not currently use commercial fundraising sites due to the fees involved. However, it you would like to set up tracking of dollars raised and targets for your event, we are able to do so on this website through your dedicated fundraising event page.

If you have any queries about fundraising or would like to discuss your ideas before filling in the proposal form, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Fundraising Terms and Conditions

Fundraising for Liver Kids Australia

All aspects of the Fundraising Activity shall be conducted in the Fundraiser’s name and are the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser.

A Fundraiser has no power to bind Liver Kids Australia in any manner whatsoever or to take any action or do any act or thing in the name of Liver Kids Australia. The Fundraisers must make it clear when dealing with the public, sponsors and supporters that they are not representing Liver Kids Australia; they are raising funds that will be forwarded to Liver Kids Australia.

The Fundraising Activity needs to be promoted and conducted by the Fundraiser in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and the Fundraiser must apply for any permits and authorities that may be required. Links to state and territory requirements can be found HERE.

Liver Kids Australia expects a reasonable level of liaison and information regarding your Fundraising Activity.

Any changes made from the details provided on the Proposal to Fundraise must be reported to Liver Kids Australia within 14 days of the date of the change and before the commencement of the Activity.

Fundraising Activities We Will NOT Approve

At the date of this document, Liver Kids Australia will not approve any of the following activities:

  • Door-to-door appeals or street collections.
  • Telephone solicitation of any kind.
  • Events or activities that are physically dangerous or have unhealthy associations.

Liver Kids Australia’s Involvement in the Activity

What we can do to help you:

  • Offer advice and expertise on event planning.
  • Provide a letter of authorisation to be used when sourcing raffle prizes and venue hire.
  • Promote the Activity to our members and Facebook followers.
  • Provide a written tax receipt to donors who make donations of $2 or more and receive no material benefit in return.

If requested within enough time, a Liver Kids Australia representative can possibly be arranged to attend your Activity to provide a presentation or mingle with guests.

What we cannot do to help you:

  • Provide on-site staff or volunteer support at your Activity.
  • Extend our tax exemption to you.
  • Provide insurance coverage.
  • Provide funding or reimbursement of expenses.
  • Solicit sponsorship revenue or goods for your fundraising activities.
  • Provide mailing lists of Liver Kids Australia contacts.

Promoting the Activity and Use of the Liver Kids Australia Logo

The Fundraiser is not permitted to use the Liver Kids Australia name or logo without written approval. Your Fundraising Activity cannot be advertised as a Liver Kids Australia Event. However, it can be referred to as an Event supporting Liver Kids Australia. For example, “this event is proudly supporting Liver Kids Australia” or “funds raised will be donated to Liver Kids Australia”.

All promotional material, advertisements, media materials and press releases to be used in relation to your Activity need to be approved by Liver Kids Australia before public distribution or circulation.

The Fundraiser must seek agreement from Liver Kids Australia before aligning the Fundraising Activity with third party providers or sponsors.

With the Fundraiser’s consent, photographs or other information from the event can be published online or in publications by Liver Kids Australia.

Indemnity and Insurance Cover

The Fundraiser indemnifies Liver Kids Australia against any liability, action, claim, suit, damage, cost and expense (including all legal fees) suffered by Liver Kids Australia, to the extent that a claim or action that is brought against Liver Kids Australia is connected to, in relation to or arising out of, the Fundraiser’s:

(a) negligence; or

(b) breach of, or default under, this Agreement.

The Fundraiser releases Liver Kids Australia from and indemnifies Liver Kids Australia against, any liability for any injury, accident or other loss, whether physical or financial, suffered by the Fundraiser and/or its personnel in the course of conducting the Fundraising Activity.

Liver Kids Australia’s insurance does not cover activities conducted by outside organisations and groups.

The Fundraiser is responsible for obtaining all insurance cover required for the event including, but not limited to, public liability, wet weather insurance for an outdoor event or event cancellation cover.

Collecting Funds and Managing Financial Information

All fundraising events must be self-funding. Liver Kids Australia will not be held liable for any losses or expenses incurred, by the Fundraiser, in any circumstances.

The proceeds from the Fundraising are to be forwarded to Liver Kids Australia within 14 days of the conclusion of the event. The Fundraiser must keep their own record of income, expenses and net proceeds from fundraising activities for 12 months.

Individual tax deductible receipts can only be issued by Liver Kids Australia for people making monetary donations of $2.00 or more. If a donors would like a receipt, please record their details on the template form available on the Liver Kids Australia website and forward it to us following your Activity. We will provide receipts to donors once the funds raised by the Activity have been banked.

Please note that Liver Kids Australia cannot provide tax deductible receipts for non-tax deductible items such as sponsorship, ticket purchases, entry to an event, donations of goods or services, raffle tickets and auction purchases. However, letters of acknowledgement can be provided for sponsorships and donations of goods.

Monies raised through a raffle cannot be used to pay any event expenses. All proceeds raised by a raffle need to be donated to Liver Kids Australia.

Withdrawal of Authority to Fundraise

Liver Kids Australia reserves the right to withdraw the Authority to Fundraise should it be necessary to protect our reputation. If the Authority is withdrawn, all fundraising and promotion must cease immediately. The fundraising authorisation letter must be returned and any monies raised must be remitted to Liver Kids Australia within seven (7) days.

Proposal to Fundraise Form