Workplace Giving

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace Giving is a way of donating directly to your preferred charity from your pre-tax salary. Because it comes directly from pre-tax pay, it gives most people immediate tax savings and means they don’t need to save receipts for their tax return.

The programs are becoming very popular with employers because it’s an easy way to support causes that are important to their employees, boost morale and generate goodwill.

Benefits for Employees

Your donation is automatically deducted from your gross salary each pay cycle. The Workplace Giving program does not affect your gross income or other calculations such as superannuation guarantee payments or fringe benefits tax.

With Workplace Giving you can:

  • Receive an immediate tax benefit from your pre-tax donation

  • Save time searching for receipts at tax time. Your employer will provide you with a record at the end of the financial year.

  • Make a regular, simple, cost effective donation.

  • Start, stop or change your donation at any time.

How It Works

For example, a fortnightly donation of $20 to Liver Kids through Workplace Giving means:

You receive an immediate tax saving* of $6

Your donation only costs you $14

However, Liver Kids still receives $20.

If your employer matches your donation, Liver Kids could receive $40!**

The amount you give is entirely up to you. In some circumstances smaller donations mean minimal changes to tax and some employers set minimum amounts for Workplace Giving. Your payroll officer or accountant is the best person to ask.

*Tax scales used are based on the Fortnightly tax table (NAT 1006) effective from 1 July 2014 on a salary of $50,000.

**Dollar for dollar matching.

Benefits for Liver Kids Australia

Workplace Giving ensures that Liver Kids receives the full amount of your donation. No commissions or fees will be taken out by third parties.

We also won’t need to issue a receipt for each individual donation made through Workplace Giving so it saves considerable time on administration.

Regular donations will help us plan for the introduction of new activities to support families and develop education about childhood liver disease.

How to Set Up Workplace Giving

Ask your employer to include Liver Kids Australia in their Workplace Giving program.

Complete the Employee Authorisation Form at the bottom of this page and give it to your payroll or HR manager.

Your chosen donation amount will be deducted from your pre-tax salary each pay period.

Would You Like to Help Further?

Ask your employer to consider matching your donation to Liver Kids as part of their corporate social responsibility program.

Become a Workplace Giving Champion and encourage your colleagues to get involved.

More Information

For more information about Workplace Giving, see

For Employers wishing to set up a Workplace Giving program, please see

Australian Taxation Office tax tables for Workplace Giving

Download Workplace Giving Form