Indi's story with Biliary Atresia is similar to many of our children. However, Indi's father Mat used his photographic talent to look at her journey in a different and creative way.


This portrait is of my daughter, Indi, aged 4 years. Indi was born with Biliary Atresia and had a Liver Transplant at 7 months old.
I am constantly inspired by Indi's strength and really wanted to show her fighting spirit and the scar she wears courtesy of her battle.







This image is a portrait of my daughter Indi who has survived a liver transplant.
With this image I wanted to pay homage to all the anonymous organ donors and their families. Because of them, my daughter has been given a second chance at life.
Indi is now moving out of a dark period of her life and stepping into the light of living!